Slap-dash Inspiration Board

I’m re-learning how to use Photoshop, so excuse the imperfection of my inspiration board.  


I love the idea of an inspiration board.  It’s a gathering of inspirational images–colors, shapes, fabrics, textures–that I can take with me when shopping or researching.  It’s such a great reference when I’m getting overwhelmed with what’s out there.  When I get drawn into a fabulous fuschia  fabric, I can easily see that no, that’s not the look we’re going for.  . . . This time.

Unfortunately I can’t remember where I got a lot of these images specifically.  I know a bunch came from House Beautiful.  If you’re curious about the Belgian style, they’re a nice reference.  Just do a search on their site.  This style came from Axel Vervoordt, who I’m in the process of learning more about.  All I know at this point is that I’m a fan.  I think my current addiction to linen is his fault.  Lots of linen, neutrals, natural textures, art in simplicity… There’s also a sense of history to his work.  And an overall sense of calm.  I like it.


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