Thanks SO much to Holly at decor8 for the link over here!  She has so many readers I was hoping I might be able to connect with some in and around OKC.  Basically I’m looking to start an informal group of like-minded individuals looking to start, grow, expand…whatever… creative businesses.  


With a degree in creative writing, I’m a little shaky on what to do to make my business successful.  I’m relying on friends, family, Amazon.com and our friendly Metropolitan Library System for my business education.  I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to expand the group of friends.  I just feel like a lot of the time people don’t take creative businesses as seriously as traditional businesses (really sweatheart, reading Elle Decor IS work for me…),  and there’s a LOT of tradition in Oklahoma.  


So if you’re interested in joining in, or have helpful ideas, PLEASE let me know.  Send me an email or comment here.  




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  1. I work for Metro Library so yay you for using it! I’ll be your friend haha. I’m trying to decide if I want to further my craftiness into a business. It’s a big decision. It would be nice to meet with other people.

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