The One That Got Away, sniff sniff

If these two sofas got together and made a baby, a sofa baby with the eight straight legs and the main lines of the first parent with just enough of the curve of the arms of the second parent, you’d have The One That Got Away.  


Woe is me.  I had no room for another sofa.  Really, I didn’t.  I joined in a neighborly garage sale to de-clutter and to make a little cash, not SPEND my meager earnings on my neighbor’s cast offs.  But as the day grew on and I sat out in the sun while strangers poked through things I no longer needed, and the price went down on the sofa, I thought of a few places I could squeeze it in the house.  


I realized the sofa was very Anthropologie-esque, both in line and upholstry.  Some day, I dreamed, I would in fact have a fancy living room that would need more graceful furniture.  It was LESS than $100!  Surely that was a sacrifice I could make for a sofa with a classy Oklahoma heritage (it had once been in a swanky downtown hotel, the site of which is now being remodeled for swanky apartments).  Before finalizing the purchase, I checked with my fiance.  Before I even opened my mouth he said, “you want that sofa don’t you?”  He was less than impressed, but willing.  

I grabbed my cash and walked over to my neighbor just as she finalized the sale of the sofa.  Ugh.  


The moral of the story is GO WITH YOUR GUT.  Furniture may just be objects, but you’re either drawn to certain pieces or you aren’t.  These are things you have to live with, likely for a while.  You should have good feelings towards them.  That’s why I involve my clients in picking out what will be in their house.  I am more than capable of putting together a design that will fit the house and look perfectly lovely.  What I can’t do is gauge your emotional response to a piece.  I’m not saying you have to fall in love with your ottoman, but if you have lustful feelings toward leather, or a chair reminds you of your grandmother (in a good way), then there’s a good reason to include these things in your design.  Fill in your decorator.  It matters what goes in your home.


For now, I’m keeping my eye out for another skinny-legged sofa.  Perhaps we’ll meet someday…


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