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  1. Hi Lauren! I saw this on Decor8:
    “I’m just putting this out there based on an earlier comment received by reader Lauren Keller of Echo Design, a small interior design company located in Oklahoma City. Lauren is looking to start a small meet up in her city to connect with other creative types. If you are interested, please contact Lauren directly through her blog right here.”

    I’m not sure what you are putting together, but would like more info. I have a B.S. in Business Administration, but spend my days doing photography, style consultations, decorating, and scrapbooking.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

  2. Stephanie, I’m not really sure what I’m putting together either! Please email me at echodesignLLC (at) gmail (dot) com. Maybe we can try to get some people together. I know that in other cities there are groups of women who get together to talk business in a creative sense. I basically want to get a group together to learn from.

  3. I’d be all about this if I lived in OK— go get em tiger! 🙂

  4. Hi, i work for a young designer in OKC. I am basically her assistant. I was a fine arts major in college, still working on the degree on and off. My friend and I are looking into starting a small on the side art business and have been throwing around ideas pretty seriously for the last couple of months. Not really sure what you are looking to do with this little group but i have been wanting to get in touch with more artist, preferably female, being married and all, in OKC. I have only lived here for about 9 months, so i am not real familiar with the art scene. You can email me, sorry my designer doesn’t have a website yet. I am super busy with work, art, and my family but i would really love a night to discuss creative business ideas with fellow artsy girls.

  5. Hi, I live in Norman but work in OKC and have recently been trying to find others with interests in Art and design. My background is in Art History and Fashion. I would love to be kept informed on your ideas about some sort of meet up. I think there are plenty of possibilities for this community and would love to discuss this with like minded people.

  6. Not sure if guys are allowed in this disussion, but I’m an OKC product designer who loves networking. Visit my website to see a little of what I’m about. About 7 years ago, I owned a creative home furnishings store dedicated to custom furniture design, it’s what I love to do. Contact me if I can help in any way.

    Good Luck, Justin

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